If you sell to consumers, leaflet drops can be a cost-effective and impactful channel to add to your marketing mix. With the right design and messaging, these can be extremely eye-catching, striking and memorable.

In fact, according to the Royal Mail, 83% of door drop items are engaged with by customers.

Did you know?
Door drops prompt commercial customer actions like going online and making a purchase. Door drops stay in the home for 5.4 days on average (Source: Royal Mail Market Reach) helping to build your brand’s presence in the home, with 14% of them remaining present for over 28 days. And 73% of door drops are opened, read, filed, or set aside for later, with 5% being shared with other people, giving you extra value for money.

Ways you can use door drops

Here are some of the typical uses of door drops which can be adapted to your local area, or used on a national basis:

  • Advertise products and services
  • Trial a new product or service
  • Drive web traffic
  • Drive people in store
  • Promote a local event
  • Highlight seasonal sales and promotions
  • Build cost-effective brand awareness
  • Broadcast public information messages
  • Acquire new customers

The benefits of door drops

In a world where people are exposed to thousands of marketing messages every day via various media types (smartphones, tablets and TV screens etc) the physical presence of door drops means they’re a great way to cut through the noise. They put your message into customers’ hands.

Because door drops are tangible and delivered into homes, customers engage with them. Research shows that 73% are opened, read, filed or set aside for later, and they’re revisited almost three times on average.

A campaign will reach almost 100% of the households in any given area. What’s more, for every 100 door drops sent, 5% are shared with other people, giving you an even bigger audience than you paid for.

Using advanced targeting you can reach households that match your desired profile. Find people within driving distance of a specific location or from particular demographic groups (e.g. age, location, household consumption etc.).

Door drops give you the flexibility of testing on a small scale before rolling out a full campaign. So you can learn what elements of your activity – e.g. targeting, format, creative or offer – are effective or need adapting before increasing your investment. It’s possible to see how a door drop campaign works in one region before rolling it out on a wider scale, or you can consider testing two versions in the same geographical area to see which works best.

Door drops can carry messages tailored to particular locations, to strengthen your local ties to that area. For example, you can tailor them with different promotions or response details (e.g. branch address or phone numbers) depending on the area.

They appeal to all ages and life stages, whether they are big users of digital technology or not.

Want to run a leaflet drop marketing campaign in London?

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