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“Printing with us is simple and easy and most importantly, jargon-free.”

George – Centre Manager

George is our Centre Manager, and Kall Kwik’s youngest owner/manager! Having worked in the print industry since leaving school, George has experience in every aspect of print, from the production room running the machines, through to sales and account management.

An average day for George can range from having calls with clients taking briefs on new projects, to making personal deliveries to local businesses, and even running machinery during busy periods! As a ‘hands on’ manager, George likes to keep in touch with all aspects of the business, to make sure it’s running as effectively as possible. His favourite part of the job is when new clients call or pop in for a chat! He loves to get to know and build relationships with new people – so if you are local, stop in for a coffee (although he’s given up caffeine, so George will make you one!)

When he’s not at work, George loves to hang out with Poppy, taking her for nice long walks in the woodlands near their Essex home. If he’s not doing that, then you’ll either find him in the gym, or cooking a slap up (vegetarian) dinner for his girlfriend.

“Our aim is to make a success of each client project – from communication to execution”

Jo – Project Manager

Keeping the team on their toes, Jo is our Project Manager, and her super talent is spinning all the plates to make sure whatever you need is produced to perfection and delivered on time! Having been at Kall Kwik City for over 9 years, Jo knows the business inside out, and her previous experience of working at Saatchi and Saatchi means you’d be hard pressed to ask for something she’s not done before!

An average day for Jo always starts with a coffee (no sugar, she’s sweet enough!) First on the agenda is organising the workload for the day, making sure the right materials are available for production, and then arranging any deliveries that need to go out. Jo manages the team to make sure everyone is hitting the right deadlines, and in between is often on the phone updating clients about projects so everyone is in the know!

When she’s not at work, Jo can be found at home spending time with her husband and 2 daughters in Essex.  If she’s not doing that, you’ll find her out and about with her friends, ‘catching up with the girls’ over a nice G&T!

“Our printing expertise means we strive for immaculate print results, every time.”

Cam – Production

The life blood of the business, Cam runs the production office downstairs producing all of the orders. Cam is a relatively new addition to the Kall Kwik City family, fresh from college with a B-Tech in Graphic Design & Media, and an enthusiasm for learning new skills. After thorough training from the previous print manager, and under the watchful eye of George he is swiftly becoming a real asset to the business.

An average day for Cam starts with setting up the machines and getting any print orders pushed through in a timely manner to the clients’ requirements. Working closely with Jo, Cam will make sure that once the orders are printed that they go through any finishing processes if needed (laminating, foiling, die cutting) and ready for quality control (aka George!) Once the perfect products are ready, Cam will make sure they are packaged safely and securely, labelled and ready for sending onto the client.

When he’s not at work, Cam can be found at home in Essex, brushing up on his gaming skills!

“We offer so much more than ink on paper.”

Jodie – Marketing Consultant

As our part-time Marketing Consultant, Jodie’s talent is thinking outside of the box to come up with innovative and eye-catching solutions for your marketing / printing needs! With over 20 years’ experience in the Marketing industry (we know, she doesn’t look old enough!) no challenge is too big or too small.

An average day for Jodie cannot start without coffee, preferably extra-large! Then it’s either to the phones, or out and about to meet with clients and talk through their current activities. Identifying gaps in the strategy, or spotting new opportunities is an additional part of the Kall Kwik service that makes us more than just a ‘print shop’. Working with George, Jodie is happy to add value with suggestions to enhance or improve current communications, or come up with new creative solutions.

When she’s not at work, Jodie will be found at home with her husband and young daughter in North London. She loves being active with her little one, outdoor adventures are a favourite past time! If she’s not doing that, then she’ll be thinking of ideas for her next children’s book (but that’s a whole other story!)

“Woof, Woof!”

Poppy – The Apprentice

Our Apprentice, Poppy is the newest addition to Kall Kwik City’s team.  She’s currently learning the ropes here at Kall Kwik City, spending time shadowing different members of the team.  Poppy has excellent customer service skills, and always greets our clients with a cuddle!  Known locally as ‘The Doggie In The Window’, feel free to drop in and meet her sometime.

An average day for Poppy starts with a walk to the local coffee shop with one of the team, and then back to the office to sit in the window and check out the goings on outside!  One of her key responsibilities is to greet anyone who comes in the door, which she does with a wag of the tail and a gentle ‘woof’.  

When she’s not at work, Poppy loves to hang out with George, accompanying him for nice long walks in the woodlands near their Essex home.  If she’s not doing that, then you’ll either find her chilling in her bed, or looking for a cuddle from someone!