At Kall Kwik, we are often asked what is the best way to ‘get it right first time” and achieve a successful outcome to any print project?

We have years of experience in guiding our customers through complex projects and ensuring that they are delighted with the documents and artwork we produce.

There a literally thousands of variables to consider, but if we were forced to distill down to a set of five steps, these would be the ones we would choose:

1. Review all options with your printer

Your initial discussion with the printer should cover all the technical aspects of your project and your desired outcomes. This will include the grade/size of paper or card you wish to use, the type of ink, colour accuracy/intensity and finish (matt, satin or glossy). Ask to see samples and make sure you ask about all the alternatives available and understand their impact on the final cost of the project.

2. Get a print specification

Having reviewed all the options, make sure all your decisions are recorded in a full written specification. As well as technical details, this should include a firm estimate of costs, delivery details and a clear timetable. From that point on there can be no confusion on either side about what is expected from the project!

3. Proof-read all copy

Spelling mistakes and omissions can prove very costly if you have to reprint. Make sure your copy is carefully checked, ideally by a professional proof-reader who can advise on both spelling/grammar and the correct tone-of-voice for your project.

4. Submit your artwork correctly
Your printer will specify certain technical parameters for how you should submit your artwork. If your’re unsure how to comply with these, he/she should be able to advise. Small details like the way you export a PDF or colour-check your artwork can make a huge difference to the final printed product so it is worth investing time at this stage and getting your printer to confirm that the right file types have been submitted.

5. Test with a short run

For larger print jobs, ask your printer to do a short run first so you can see review the final product. If there is time and budget to do this, it can ensure any final issues are spotted and addressed before committing to the full print run.

That’s our guide to delivering a successful print project! You may have noticed how all the steps above involve a close working relationship between the customer and the printer. There is no substitute for being able to discuss all aspects of the job with a trusted and professional adviser – something you simply don’t get when you submit documents to print online!

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