Kall Kwik City is proud to support the Woodland Trust’s Carbon Capture programme.

This programme is operated through the Woodland Trust as part of the UK Government’s Woodland Carbon Scheme. The programme purchases Woodland Carbon Units and trees are planted in certified Woodland Carbon sites to mitigate CO₂ emissions.

We now pay a Carbon Capture charge on all paper purchases. This charge mitigates the CO₂ emissions of the products purchased and 100% of the funds raised go directly to the Woodland Trust, to fund woodland creation and conservation.

The Woodland Trust care for more than 1,000 free to access public woods, growing more than 50 million trees.

The Carbon Capture programme, has raised over £1.57m to date for the Woodland Trust, planting over 420,000 trees and capturing over 96,000 tonnes of CO₂. We at Kall Kwik City are proud to have played our part.